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Quality, Assurance and Reliability Are Dispatched Seamlessly Through Our Bespoke Mobile, Web, Software, Graphics & Digital Solutions.

PRICE BOARD This is a large banner which measures 970x250px. This will either run on top of the Homepage and above all story page. This comes at a rate of N2.2m per month. HOMEPAGE WRAP-AROUND This special advert is wrapped around the entire Homepage. It also displays prominently on all navigational pages. The entire HomePage is devoted solely to this advertisement. This comes at a rate of N10 million per month. WIDE SKYSCRAPER This advert measures 300x 600px. It can be aligned to the right or left column of the Home page. It also displays very prominently on all navigational pages. This comes at a rate of N2m per month RECTANGULAR PRIME This specially sized advert measures 300 x 250px and displays prominently on the right column of the Home Page and also features in all navigational pages. This comes at a rate of N1.1m per month PRIME POSITIONS The various products, New, Business, Health, Politics, Sports, Entertainment, video news, etc, each with its own home page, will have various prime positions available for partners to strategically position their advertisements. Sizes available include 300 x 250px, 728 x 90px, 970 x 90px, 970 x 250px. VIDEO PRIME POSITIONS We shall be publishing an average of two videos per day. These will have various time runs. We invite you to take advantage of looming popularity of video news, by partnering with us either through having your logo as the back drop, identifying you as a sponsoring partner, 15 – 30 seconds adverts which plays immediately a video is clicked on, before the main content of the video is displayed, etc. Price ranges from N200,000 to N500,000 per week.